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From the Brigade Surgeon

3rd Maryland 

(Company B)

Capt. Denny Rohrbaugh
Unit location: Tri-State Area

7th Maryland

(Company A)  

Capt. Jeff Bush
Unit location:Maryland / Central MD

16th Pennsylvania

(Company G)    

Capt. James Zartman
Unit location:Central PA

97th Pennsylvania   

Capt. Dennis Wales
Unit location: Downington, Chester County, PA
93rd Pennsylvania   

Capt. Dennis Shirk
Unit location: Central PA

61st Pennsylvania 

(Company A)   

Capt. Chris Monzi
Unit location: Lower PA

98th Pennsylvania     

Capt. Michael Peter
Unit location: Central PA

87th Pennsylvania    

Capt. Jim Van Laeys
Unit location: Central PA

138th Pennsylvania  (Company B)  

Capt. Dustin Coleman
Unit location: Gettysburg

139th Pennsylvania  (Company F)   

Capt. Don Dolbin
Unit location: Lower PA

155th Pennsylvania (Company H)    

Capt. Vince Jarzynka
Unit location: Pennsylvania

   41st Pennsylvania (Company G)  

Capt. Nathaniel Little
Unit location: Hanover, PA

149th Pennsylvania  (Bucktails)  

Capt. Garry Reigle

Unit location: Central PA


                  John Zabawa               


2nd Lt. J. Spangler  

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First Regiment  was formed as a living memorial, to provide living historians a means to honor the men, who fought to preserve the Union during the War of the Rebellion from 1861 through 1865, and the women and families who supported them.  We are a family based organization, and stress historical correctness and safety. 

Col. Jim Cobb,


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