Geoffrey Spangler,

Chief Musician

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Calvert Arms

Fife & Drum Corps


Federal Volunteer Brigade

Thompson Dasher; principal fife, 87th Pa. Nathan Valentine; principal drummer, 3rd Md. Ben Valentine; bass drummer, 3rd Md.

David Valentine; fifer, 3rd Md.



17th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry Company F

Capt. John Brindle

2nd US Colored Cavalry 

Capt. Nate Williams

1st PA Cavalry 

Capt. Al Rodriguez

1st U.S. Dragoons 

Capt. Larry Raskin:

7th New YorkCavalry

9th New York Cavalry

3rd Pennsylvania cavalry

First Regiment Cavalry was formed as a living memorial, to provide living historians a means to honor the men, who fought to preserve the Union during the War of the Rebellion from 1861 through 1865, and the women and families who supported them.  We are a family based organization, and stress historical correctness and safety. 

Col. John Perry,


1st Cavalry Regiment

Cavalry of the Potomac